Treasurer & Vice Chairman: Professor Wendy Wen-Luan HSIAO, Ph.D.

Professor Wendy Hsiao, obtained her Ph.D. Degree from Columbia University in 1985, is an expert in cancer molecular biology, Wnt and MAPK signaling, with recent research focus on anti-cancer, cancer preventive, anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperlipidemia herbal medicines. She has published more than 70 articles in major journals including Science, Nature, Cell, Molecular Cellular Biology, Oncogene, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Carcinogenesis, J Pathology, J Natural Products. 

Currently, Professor Hsiao is carrying out several major research projects in her laboratory that include a Collaborative Research Project on "Discovery and development of biomarkers for evidence-based Chinese medicines using the proteomic technology platform" and a General Research Grant working on the anticancer effects and the underlying mechanism of a medicinal herb, Jia-gu-lan. Prof. Hsiao holds patents in US, Europe and China. In addition to her effort in TCM research, she also devotes a major fraction of her time in promoting TCM education.


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