HKBIO distributes masks and hand sanitiser to people in need 無償奉獻 齊心抗疫 香港生物科技協會全力支援弱勢社群共同抗疫


Due to the continuing outbreak of COVID-2019, the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, Philip KH Wong Foundation and Cellomics distributed anti-epidemic supplies to people in need on 3 July 2020 outside Cheung Sha Wan Station in Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, to assist them in preventing virus infection.


Professor Albert Yu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (third from the right), together with Mr Kennedy Wong, lawyer at the Philip KH Wong Foundation (fourth from the left), and Ms Maru Young, from Cellomics International Limited (first from the right), led members of the Secretariat to distribute masks and hand sanitizer, in support of local epidemic prevention work.



Hong Kong Legislative Councillor Mr Vincent Cheng also attended this activity, with citizens of the district contributing as well.



Professor Albert Yu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, said that Hong Kong experienced many ups and downs in its development over the years, and it is up to the people of Hong Kong to help each other in overcoming challenges. This epidemic is a reminder that we must work together to develop biotechnology and use the power of science and technology to prevent, test and treat patients. As such the goal of the activity was to gather like-minded partners to contribute to society and help those in need.



Citizens were very enthusiastic about the activity. Before the start, many were already queueing at the scene, with the entire distribution process being very orderly.



Volunteers on site also reminded the public to take adequate prevention measures, such as washing hands frequently, measuring body temperature, and wearing masks when in public areas.


About Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization

Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization is an independent nonprofit organization (Charities exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives.

Founded by pioneering scientists with extensive life science backgrounds and multi-cultural experience in research and development, engineering and business. Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization aims to establish and facilitate a worldwide platform for the Hong Kong biotech industry, promote awareness, encouraging and enabling international collaboration. We also provide informed opinion and technical advice to government bodies, healthcare institutions and the general public.


香港生物技術協會於2010年成立的非營利組織,宗旨是推動生物科技和相關行業在香港的發展,並鼓勵和促成國際間的合作,同時為會員提供專業的觀點與技術建議。香港生物技術協會由具有廣泛生命科學背景和在研發、工程和商業方面具有多元文化經驗的開拓性科學家創立。香港生物技術組織旨在為香港生物技術產業建立和促進一個全球平台、提高認識、鼓勵並促進國際合作。 我們還向政府機構,醫療機構和公眾提供專業的觀點和技術建議。



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