Vision & Mission

HKBIO is an independent non-profit organization with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives. 



"Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization’s vision is to be the recognized peak industry body representing Hong Kong and China’s Biotechnology Industry by effectively fostering leadership, partnership networks and knowledge growth, bringing benefits of Biotechnology to the local and global community."


HKBIO will achieve this vision by representing members across all areas related to biotechnology and its devotion to establishing and facilitating a worldwide platform for the Hong Kong biotech industry, promoting awareness, encouraging and enabling international collaboration and providing informed opinion and technical advice to government bodies, healthcare institutions and the general public.


Our mission statement is: "To develop, cultivate and promote the professional and institutional disciplines of biotechnology in Hong Kong and China for the benefit of members, the public and the global community." 

We will achieve our mission by developing and maintaining relationships with experienced and knowledgeable practitioners from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries worldwide; administering and overseeing education training programs, seminars and conferences in Hong Kong SAR and China, the advancement and dissemination of biotech knowledge; creating a membership forum, leveraging core expertise in providing collaborative solutions to the development of leading-edge products and services in all fields related to biotechnology. 

It is with this dedication that HKBIO is committed to being the lifelong resource to the whole of biotechnology community in Hong Kong and China.

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