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Hong Kong, being the gateway to China, provides a rich source of opportunities for overseas investors looking to capitalize on the growth of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Meanwhile, for companies from China, Hong Kong is a bridge to connect with the West. Moreover, the new listing rules adopted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) which allow pre-revenue biotech companies to be listed on the HKEX is a bold imperative step for the growth of the biotech sector in Hong Kong. Thus, we could not think of a better way to kick-start the Asian biotech revolution than by organizing BIOHK2021 convention in Hong Kong, the potential biotech epicentre of Asia. This is a golden opportunity to personally view the major GBA cities involved in the future of biotechnology by becoming a part of this historical event.

Asia’s biotech industry is red hot! Those who will be most successful will be those who find the best partners to translate new knowledge into innovations. As a city with a glorious past of industrial development and innovation, Hong Kong cannot afford to stand still. Also, being the most internationalized city of China, it is our commitment to connect the East with the West under one roof and take forward the biotech sector to greater heights, with BIOHK2020 being a major leap towards our goal. This convention opens a new page both for the cosmopolitan city and the global economy. The January timeframe is perfect for building on momentum when deals are announced here and colleagues are seeking strategic collaborations. You really can’t afford to miss this convention if you are aiming high for your company.  

We invite you to join us at our first major global biotech convention in September 2021 to grab countless opportunities to exchange and engage with global industry leaders. 

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亞洲的生物科技產業非常火爆!最成功的人將是那些能找到最佳合作夥伴,將新知識轉化為創新科技的人。作為一個曾經工業發展和創新有著輝煌歷史的城市,香港不能停滯不前。同時,作為中國最國際化的城市,我們致力於將東西方連接在一起,將生物科技領域推向更高的高度,香港國際生物科技展是我們實現這個目標的重大飛躍。這次會議為這個國際大都市和全球經濟翻開了嶄新的一頁。 9月份是一個完美時機來宣佈交易和尋求戰略合作。如果你的目標是邁上更高的新臺階,你真的不能錯過這次會議。


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